Recent Cases

1. Wrongful Death Claim of woman wrongfully diagnosed at a state run hospital, who later died of a heart attack. Successfully pursued civil claims against physician and hospital.

2. Successfully represented a minor child in civil action, who was repeatedly sexually assaulted by a staff member while a patient at a state operated mental health institution. Also represented the victim in criminal proceedings to help secure a criminal conviction.

3. Minor child attacked at local high school by gang members. The beating resulted in brain damage to the victim. Successfully pursued a civil claim against Town and Board of Education.

4. Driver of commercial vehicle drives wrong way on highway. Struck car with woman and child, causing permanent disability and broken bones. Successfully pursued civil claim on behalf of child victim.

5. Child shot in the eye while playing with a BB gun at neighbor’s house. Injuries included permanent blindness. Resolved case prior to trial for limit of homeowners policy.

6. Woman permanently disabled and disfigured as a result of a dog attack while working as a dog groomer. Injuries included permanent paralysis on right side of her body which prevent her from ever returning to work. Successfully argued civil action and assisted with worker compensation recovery.